Transforming point coordinates to a local coordinate system


I have a very diverse profile and I want to put on it linear segments in every 10 m interval (0+000-0+010, 0+010-0+020…), taking into account that the segment can’t intersect and go below the profile in that interval, it can just touch the 2 “highest” point of it.
I have made he following steps so far:

  1. I chose the 0+010-0+020 interval for testing the method
  2. I localized the interval start and end points on the profile
  3. With the localized points I generated a vector and then the local coordinate system
  4. I filtered those PVIs, that are inside the interval
  5. Then I tried to transform the filtered PVI coordinates to the local coordinate system.

My problem occures in the 5th point. When I try to transform thr list of points to the new coordinate system it always gives me an one element list as an output. Maybe I use this transforming node in a wrong way…

This is the section of the profile, that I’m testing. The white polyline is the profile itself, the red line should be the x axis of the local coordinate system. The yellow lines represent the 2 local maximum points, and the green line should be the result of my method.

hossz-szelveny_vonalak_illesztese_v01.dyn (52.0 KB)

Since then I found out, that the main problem is with the generating method of the new local coordinate system. When I tried a more simple coordinate system creating node (e.g. sclaing the WCS) the piont list transfoprming was successful.
If anyone is familiar with the coordinate system modifying nodes, please feel free to share your hints.

My language is not good

May this help you