Reading the coordinate of a PVI

Hi guys!!

I have a problem to solve. How do I read the position (coordinate) of this PVI?

At some points I need to insert a small block of marking between the PVI’s that have a certain slope value. For that, I need to be able to read that point, that is, its coordinate.

I tried to use the GetParameters node but I was unsuccessful as I can’t get its location.

Any suggestion?

I thank the attention.

Hi @dffreitas,

You could accomplish that with a combination of Civil 3D Toolkit and Camber nodes.


@mzjensen , Is it possible to do this for multiple profiles?

I’m trying to get the point for multiple profile views but it gives this error


@mzjensen , Since you answered me, I have another question.

I have your Camber 1.0 package installed. After the package update, some nodes disappeared.

Is it possible for me to have both versions of packages to use in Dynamo?

looks like you’re using Iteris package for the profile view, you’ll perhaps need to use a different selection method and then use the Convert to Camber Object node in order to use the camber profileview.getpoints…

Sorry about that. It’s a known issue that others have also noticed and I’m working on a fix. Which version of Civil 3D are you using?

Unfortunately, no. It’s only possible to have a single version of a package at a time. Although you can download previous versions of a package on the package manager.



@mzjensen , I use the 2021 version.

@mzjensen , but thanks for the help.

If you’re able to upgrade to 2022.1, then everything should work.