Creat profile from Polyline

Hi All,
I need your help. I want to create a Profile from the polyline.

Hi @lebinhx3c2012,

You can use the Civil 3D Toolkit. Here’s a simple example using a polyline with no arc segments. If you need that functionality you’ll have to add quite a bit more logic, but it is possible.

ProfileFromPolyline.dwg (1.1 MB)
ProfileFromPolyline.dyn (68.3 KB)


Hi @mzjensen
Thank you very much!

Hi @mzjensen ,
I’m Create Profile from Polyline, but at the break polyline of the profile it doesn’t follow the polyline.

That’s because a profile can’t have two different elevation values at the same station.

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Thank @mzjensen ,
Do you have a solution for this situation? :slight_smile:

It’s probably easiest to just move one of the polyline vertices a very small distance so that the two aren’t equal.