Transform geometry to real world coordinates #dynamo

Hi All,
I’m sure this has been solved multiple times, I need some help.

I’m trying to set up a graph that enables me to place families(specifically adaptive generic) in real world coordinates. Once the shared coordinates had been setup in the project environment, the graph has to translate taking into account the ROTATION to true North of the project base point.

I am a rookie, so be nice! Thanks!


Hi @mauritz.opperman,

Which difficulties did you encounter with the rotation ?
There are some custom nodes (Convert from ProjectBasePoint CoordinateSystem or Convert from InternalOrigin CoordinateSystem) to facilitate this process in the Genius Loci package.

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Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner ,
So the issue is twofold.

First, I need to place a family by transforming the coordinates as per project shared coordinates. It then also needs to take into account that project might be rotated.
Basically, just placing families in the revit project by inputting the shared coordinates taking into account that there will be a rotation to true north which is not the case for me currently…

See below. Dynamo polycurve in blue. Angle to True North = 0 deg.

Then, running dynamo graph after changing angle to 30deg, polycurve does not rotate with it…

Am I making any sense?
Coordinates_Transform_Mauritz_Ex.dyn (35.4 KB)