Transferring piping to native revit familes from IFC file

Hi there, Is it able to transfer piping to navite revit families from IFC file with ability to editing them like in regular revit file(change route, change elevation, add new segments, etc)?


at my knowleage not!

I know the elements are generic modells. I wouldn`t modifiy them at all!
Try no modify the native model and do an export!
If it is external, deligate them to do an export



So you mean If I received IFC file with 50% of ready piping, but project should be in revit with all native revit categories in the end, I am not able to transfer existed piping from IFC and have to remodel from the zero(0%) point?

When converting IFC back to revit you’re at the mercy of what Revit can convert back to native on import unless you rely on the data in the IFC objects to recreate the objects. Usually most objects in IFC wont have enough data in them to recreate a valid Revit object, and you may need to break down the geometry to assess how to locate a revit native element (e.g. for a pipe you may try to isolate the smallest circular faces or a pipe from IFC and get their centres which would be the start/end point.

Most firms these days use GeometryGym for these types of processes in Rhino as a starting point as it is much easier to work with geometry and its related data in parallel.

Long story short, there isn’t a magic button or dynamo specific node as far as I know.