Revit: convert linear elements from ifc to Revit native elements

Good day, is there any way to take a linear element from ifc file (pipe, duct, cable tray) and convert (or create a duplicate) to Revit native element (pipe, duct, cable tray). Unfortunately, ifc elements have no parameters to work with. I am trying to acquire coordinates of the elements but it is not working as well.


Is this IFC file created with Revit?

Current ifc file is made from Magicad for Autocad.

You could try to query the geometry, the. Pull the surfaces, then get the edges, then get the point at parameters 0…1…#10; then create a line by beat for through points. The edges can also be queried to get the circumference, which you can use to back into a radius for pipe size.

This will take a LONG time to run.

Alternatively you could ask for the files in not IFC but DWG, pull the location lines of the pipes, and their diameters, and use that to make the pipes in Revit.

That is assuming magicad has such parameters to query.

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