Convert IFC elements to Revit Families

Hey everybody,
Is there a way to convert elements from an IFC file to REVIT families?
We’ve exported an IFC file from a structural analysis program. The structure consists of trusses and columns. When opening the IFC file the elements are displayed as individual Structural Framing and Structural Columns generic models. In the family browser you can see the families are created depending on beam/column length and section. For example - two different families for beams with similar sections because they have different lengths.

Anyway, we would like to convert these elements to Revit native families (RHS beams for example).
Is there a way to do this with a Dynamo script?

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@danBRVB5 ,

At my knowlage not, ifc Elements recognizes as generic models. But i makes no sence to Make a “Coordination format” to a Revit file or family.

Insteat try to get the native format… and export it theres (.dxf, 3ds, sat) and store it in a family…




have been toying with this my self for some time. For converting Tekla IFC to revit. Mainly for easier tagging and dimension to CL columns/beams on sheets.

So far have I manage to convert columns although need to fix correct rotation from host column and make dynamo chose the correct type. (in the script I have to decide what type is going to be made)

Hope it will give a good start.

Packages used: Springs and Clockwork.
Column_from_IFC_element ver2.dyn (1.6 MB)

Hello Qardell, try using SDNF files for transferring steel sections from Tekla to Revit. These end up being mostly editable. On import you get asked for every unknown section name and get to replace with one you have in your library. Alternatively, as SDNF are just text files, you could go through it and search and replace section names with those you have in Revit.