Convert IFC-Geometry into nativ Revit-Geometry

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in the past i was often involved in the following question: “How can we in Revit cut out the slides/breaks/openings (which are made available via IFC)?”. Imagine there is an open-bim Project and you are forced to work with different IFC files (IFC-files genereated with different Software). You will get every 2 weeks an IFC File from the technical planner and have to cut out the slides and breaks in your revit geoemtry.

There are some different approaches like convert IFC Data into SAT and Import them into Revitfamilies for example. This families are subtracted from the other geometry in revit.

Maybe we can create together a script which will reduce and simplifiy the above mentioned workflow?

Maybe there are other ideas for this workflow?


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The best would be to check first what already exists on this topic, then we’ll see if it is possible to go further…

Thats what i did first, maybe not Long enough - i will try another Topic for this task.

Our workflow:
-Open IFC in Revit and save as RVT (We try to get IFC files with cutting volume only)
-link this file to our model
-with dynamo:
find intersections,
find intersection point,
place our opening family at this point,
set the dimension of the opening from the values of the IFC objects.
This link helped us a lot:

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See this also:

Thanks @Yna_Db, but this Skript works only with revit intern geoemtry, doesn’t it? In front of the Skript i have to choose the categories. So if i will have importete IFC Geoemtry i have to classify this in the first step.

So i will go further with the workflow of @Johannes_Meiners. Thanks!

@Johannes_Meiners I know it is an old topic, but could you share your modification of the Dynamo file? I have the same issue and when i try to run the example you posted it doesnt run. The next issue that i have is that the elements in the given ifc file have no geometry parameters i could take the dimensions from for my new placed family.

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I´m not in the office, but I found an example, It´s German, hope you can use it:

Wand-Durchbuchskörper-test-02.dyn (32.2 KB)

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Hello Johannes,

thank you!!

Sorry for the late response. i didnt recognize it!!