Transfer Values from an element in a link to a part

I’m trying to transfer parameter values from an element to a part associated to that element. In this case, the element is in a link file. I’ve been able to identify the element ID of the items I want to transfer info from. With the parts I’m able to get the element ID of the host element of each of the parts. I feel like I should be able to filter my parts based on these element ID and then transfer the parameter info (Pier Length value in this case). What am I missing? Below is what I’ve got so far.

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Hello again, you should reload the graph because this one is unreadable, but you could also possibly find an answer here:

@Yna_Db Sorry about that. I’ve edited my initial post with a better graph. I will take a look at the other post you suggested later today. Thanks!

@Yna_Db I was able to simplify my graph a little bit, but am still having a problem. The Parts.GetParents node won’t work for parts made from linked elements.

The closest to your need I could find is from Bakery:

and also this (but I can’t make it work):

Hi @David3

Here is one of the possible way…

@Kulkul I can’t thank you enough!!! It took me awhile to wrap my head around it, but I was able to apply what you showed to get what I was after! I’m going back through my original graph to better organize and simplify. I will post when I’m done. :slight_smile:

My final graph. If anyone see’s anything that could be simplified, let me know!