Copying information from copy/monitored elements

I am copy/monitoring mechanical equipment from a linked in Revit model.

In the linked model there are 2 shared parameters that I aslo need to copy over.
the best solution I could think of so far was to monitor the location of the mechanical equipment in both the linked file and in my model and then if the locations are the same then copy over Parameter x and Parameter Y.

If there is a way to do this without a script I am all ears :slight_smile:
If not can someone help me in the right direction with regards to a Dynamo Script

Lots to do here. Not an easy one by any means - I hope you’re somewhat experienced with Dynamo and link’s. My process would be something like this:
Get all elements of category in your model.
Get location (a point).
Get all elements of category in the link.
Get location (a point).
Geometry.DistanceTo with cross product lacing between link list and model list.
Find the instance of 0 and pull the parameters from that link instance.
Set the value to the model parameters values accordingly.

This will fall apart quickly if your link is moved away from the model’s origin as the XYZ values won’t align. You’ll have to tweak the XYZ points by the offset of your link.

Might be easier to copy/paste between models instead of copy monitoring. Could even put the Element ID or GUID of the element in the link to allow for some future back checking on location and transform via reading element IDs in the link (effectively bringing a faux-copy monitor that will be slower and less effective but you would be able to watch for parameter changes by writing it all to an excel file or something)

i had a similiar workflow already.
But i dont know what im doing wrong here:

the problem with your suggested method is that we cant afford ANY manual checking as there is too much room for error (we’re talking about somewhere in the region of 7000-10000 mechanical units), it really needs to be an effective automated method.

here’s a screenshot of how far i got, but its not really working yet. it seems to stop somewhere at the GetParameterValue

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I’m working through a similar problem. Pulling MECH equipment and parameter info from a linked MECH model, into an ELEC model. See this thread:

I’m hung up (I think) on the List.Map node.

thanks to everyone’s input.

I have not had a lot of time to work on this, but with deadlines out of the way, ive had some time to play with this script again

Im having some trouble at comparing the the coordinates. it seems like all of them are returning as -1.

Copy Mech Info.dyn (19.3 KB)

Hi Everybody,
I have also started to work on a similar workflow.
and here is what i have, it seems to work well but, I am yet to check it on projects.
I am looking for ways to minimize the processing time.
let me know If you have any suggestion.

files here-

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Do you mind sharing your file, for reference purpose. Thank you! Have a good day ahead!

I have file but not sure if this the latest file I had and also I am not sure if this will work as some of the packages may be old. but should be good point to start rather than starting from scratch.
Also sorry for the delay in response, my mail storage got full and wasn’t receiving any mail for past couple of days.
final model compare.dyn (128.1 KB)

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Hey Thanks man, i tried your method but seems like my Revit is crashing at the start of first few nodes i implement. Greatly appreciate for sharing, I see if i can find any updates on your current dyn file. :blush:

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