Acquire Parameter Value from Linked file

I’m trying to acquire a type parameter from a titleblock that resides in a linked revit file. Please see below screen capture for where I’m currently at with this script. I’m getting an output at the end that I’m unsure what it means and it’s probably difficult to tell from the image but at the point of the “Get Parameter Value from First Item In List” node the output is only providing instance parameters (I need type parameters). Where am I going wrong with this?

Hi @frenga

Could you show watch node for Desired Param Value?

Thanks for the response Kulkul but I figured it out. The issue was resolved once the Element.ElementType+ node (clockwork package) was added. I’ve attached an image of the majority of the finished product. In case any one questions the functionality of this, the goal was to get parameters from a titleblock in a linked file and set those parameters in the host file.

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