Get Parameter issue

Anybody have any idea what’s going on here?

Hi Roman,

You might know that parameters in Revit have different containers - text(or string), number (or double), integer or an element id. In the above case the level parameter holds the id of the level. Unfortunately that id is valid only inside the linked document.

Dynamo’s built in node attempts to automatically convert the id to an element and fails because it doesn’t realize that the fetched id belongs to a linked document.


Therefore the only way to fetch the level is to either make your own custom solution or use something like “LunchBox Get Parameter Value”'s node to get the parameter container as a string and then convert that to an element:


Thank you Dimitar, I thought it was referring to floor id’s, and that’s what got me confused. On a separate note, it did spit out Roof Type for some of the floors as a level, same as in your example.



How do we use this node …“Select Linked Element” by SpringNodes, I try to select link model and then run script but can not select element from linked model… I tried to select element from linked model and run but no luck…

Hi Michal,

I did a video on it some time ago. Basically, it’s a two step process:

  1. select the link instance

2)select the element

  1. (only for select linked elementS) press finish