Topology.Faces Works But Does Not Show Geometry

I am creating a solid with Extrusion from an exagonal curve.
I then use Solid.ThinShell to create an offset of the solid [for context: I need an internal offset of my curves but the offset for curves does not work on hexagons if the value is negative for a internal offset… great :cry: ].
At this point I want to take the offset internal face of the shell so I use Topology.Faces to give me access to the face I want.

At this point Dynamo disappoints again:
even though the Topology.Faces works fine and shows the list of all the faces, no Geometry from this node are generated in the 3D Preview. Any node working from it does the same, not showing anything in the 3D Preview.

When I try to bake anything into Alias after the Topology.Faces node again nothing appears in Alias.
While baking just the previous node (Solid.ThinShell) works normally instead.

nonsense, right?

Can you post the dyn and any files we can use to reproduce?

Do you know of this occurs in Dynamo core/sandbox, or only in Dynamo for Alias?

Hi, I use Dynamo Core for Alias, launched within Alias

forum_bug.dyn (57.3 KB)

Please be aware that I have simplified (on a plane) this version and in this case I could just extrude the curve as a surface and then use the thicken or offset tool.
But in the real case I have the pattern on a curved surface which causes some artifacts on the corners of the hexagon as in the image below. that is why I need to use extrude solid and then shell.

Anyway to stay in topic in the file above I don’t see any geometry pruduced out from the node that I grouped accordingly. But I see a populated list coming from it.

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topology classes don’t show geometry - you can get the resulting geometry from those topological classes.

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got it… in other words I need this Face.SurfaceGeometry

trust me modellers will have an hard time to pick those things… not intuitive.
Just and advise from a poor alias modeller :smiley:

Thanks a lot!

btw an internal offset for closed polylines would be nice too becasue with the Shell method will take ages to calculate

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Hi Askbid,
I totally get that it is confusing that topological results are not displayed. I ran into the same problem. Unfortunately this makes sense from the math side perspective. We will have to see how to make it more intuitive, but this is an XD question.
On your offset request: you are asking for a tool which offsets a closed polyline, and which result is again a closed polyline, by extending and/or trimming the line accordingly, correct? If yes, would it be fair to assume that all polylines are in one plane?