Face.ByGeometry node. How does it works?

Hello, i’m using Dynamo for Civil 3D 2020.1, where it is suposed fixed an issue in which a geometry face in Dynamo would not generate correctly in Civil 3D with the Face.ByGeometry node, as it is said in: https://cadpilot.com/home/company/news/autodesk-dynamo-for-civil-3d-2020-update-1.html .
However I have used it at last in a new .dyn code that ends with a Face.ByGeometry node. Previously there is no warning or error in the flowchart and polysurfaces are working fine in Dynamo before the Face.ByGeometry node, as i can view them in the screen as it is post in the picture. Afterwards, in Civil3d there is no surface drawn.
Any Ideas of which is the problem?

Thank you !!!

@javiermend can you pass the ModelSpace on the Block input and see if that solves your issue?

Thank you Paolo!

But what do you mean by “pass the Model Space on the Block input” ??
Is it just define a String Code block with the name of a block?
Or to use another node from autocad dynamo node, which one may be?
I don’t understant the input for block in the Face.ByGeometry node.

AutoCAD > Document > Current and then ModelSpace

Here in the picture, there is the warning message i 've got. I tried other nodes but there is no effect in the civil 3d Drawing.
Thanks for your collaboration.

@javiermend The Geometry input is wrong, you need to provide a Face not a Surface

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Thanks a lot Paolo, it works!

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