Inconsistency when getting geometry surface


I am having trouble to get the geometry of beams with openings. The Element.Faces node is giving me inconsistent results and the same thing happens when I try to get the solid of the geometry.

The geometry of the beam is quite simple, it’s only a rectangular shaped beam with a square or circle opening, but the node is giving me back the full side of the beam, plus the square area where the opening should be.

I have also experienced situations where it returns the correct surfaces of the geometry with no problems…

Is it a Dynamo bug or something? Or am I doing something wrong?

Can someone help me, please?

Another exemple of the issue. The same beam, on one side it gets the openings just fine, on the other side only gets some of them…

Looks like a bug - can you provide a sample data set and post to the GitHub site as an issue?

Hi @JacobSmall!

Posted the issue in:

Hopefully someone can help me!

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