Topography subregion to floor

Anybody knows how to turn a topography subregion to floor. I have seen such solution on Youtube but couldn’t make out the workflow. Here is the link for it:




Hi Eyal,

Refer below links see if it helps. And also look at the “Landform” Package.

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I tried this method. It is not stable. Worked only once and couldn’t figure out why. The floor refuses to take on the points extracted from the subregion for some reason. There is a working workflow on the web, in Youtube, written by Viktor but I cannot get in touch with him to have him share it. Hoping he will…

Thank you!


I think you find response in this video


Hi! I’m having some problems with mesh.facevertices to points. It’s not working. Someone has the answer to that?

I actually want to transform subregion to mass but I think that transforming subregion to floor and floors to mass it’s gonna be easier. What do you guys think?