Floor follow topography

Could you also send a screenshot of your graph (as well as the link to Youtube)?

With a little efforts, you should be able to find serious resources

that’s why I posted here the issue !:joy:

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Author of the video here. It still works for me. What errors do you get.?

it’s worked with me this way,

but your way this the error that am facing and thank you.


Did you first create a floor manually to make it work?
The idea in my way is to project the outline of the subregion to a flat plane to get the curves for the floor.
Are you using a subregion for the import? Since the subregion should aready have closed boundary.

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oh I missed that, didn’t create the manual floor. I will try it now.

You don’t have to create manually the floor with my workflow. Only the subregion.

Then yes I created the subregion. as you saw in the picture I can send u the case. if u r free.

Well then I guess it’s not intersecting all the curves. You might need to increase the extrusion distance:

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Can someone shed some light on the following -

I am getting the same error message as @Mohammad_Nawar
Did anyone manage to solve the issue?

I can’t get your workflow to work - I get the error message
’ Warning: Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel operation failed.
Cannot make a Polycurve from an empty list’

Clockwork also fails - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMB6a3Xd4-k&t=34s -
I get the error message ‘Slab Shape Edit failed’

I am running Revit 2017, Dynamo 0.9.14062, Clockwork 0.90.06

  • i’ve tried to update to the latest version of Dynamo, unfortunately, Revit won’t load the update and says the core is missing and then deletes it from the manage tab.

I was hoping Dynamo would save me time, I’ve spent the day going around in circles :frowning:

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I solved the issue before, and if you could wait until subday i will share the script with you

Thank you.

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Hi Again

Please find the Script below.

topo.dyn (3.2 KB)

and follow the below video to create the surface


nao funcionou nao

Hi all,

how can I adjust that one to slab? I mean, the topo surface was created with slabs. I want to draw another slab and match the top Points of them. What should I do?

Great !! Thank you.

I faced the same error… I think the problem related with the shape of the Floor and the sub-region… because when I used simple shape it worked… but it does not work with complex shape.

Hi guys same problem here. I wouldn’t say that the shape if complex. I am trying to create a Kerb

Seems like the script creates the points etc but then the shape edit fails…some form of clash of geometry

Any luck. Did anyone manage to edit the Python script to fix the problem ?