Make floor follow topography

i have a number of floors modeled in my project which i want to make them my existing toposurface.
I found that the only way to possible would be through Dynamo.
In this video
i´ve seen that through dynamo player they achieved exactly what i wanted to do, is this a downloadable routine? is it hard to do? im new to dynamo.

i´ve seen that the other way to achieve a similar result is by dividing a toposurface in subregions and through these create floors that actually follow the topography.
thanks in advance.

I am not sure if the script that you are looking at in the video is downloadable however you can always try and make one yourself.

I have done it through the subregion workflow in the past and had no problem. There is a node for it from clockwork package called: Floor.SlabShapebyPoints. For inputs use a floor&subregion selection node.

Hope that helps,

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i tried it iwth the subregion workflow and seems to work, but you have to create a subregion first.
The video one, just seems to detect the floor and slap it to the toposurface without any prior subregion work, which is what im trying to acomplish without succes.
Cant find the script anywhere-
Thanks a lot for the help.

The script is part of the Clockwork package. I had success in the past with it but I am finding it Revit 2021 there are errors in the floor not have all points snap to the topography.