Convert floor to topography

Hi all,
i found a lot of interesting thread related to transform a topo into a floor,
do you know something to define the opposite?

Hi @arch.paolo.campana

Refer this topic:

Hi Kulkul,
thanks but it seems that this script is related to define a floor follow a 3d toposurface, i am in the opposite situation, i already have a 3d modeled floor and i would generate a toposurface.

Like this maybe?

Hi Mark,
you show me the right way but the problem is related to the height of the sub elements of the floor…

How about this? Otherwise you’ll need to post an Rvt :slight_smile:

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Great Mark, it works perfect…clean and simple
Thanks a lot


Only one more question, i observed that if i have a simple rectangular floor without any additional point the scrip return error?

Maybe combine the points from the perimeter curves with the points from the Floor.Points? then you’ll always have enough points to make your surface…

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