Tools.AssemblyViews by SteamNodes and multiple sheets

Hello All,

I would first like to express my appreciation for all the contributions and a tremendous shared knowledge base and tools.

The problem I am having is related to SteamNodes Tools.AssemblyViews proposed by Julien Benoit. The tools functions great for multiple Assemblies creating views for all assemblies as advertised. It also functions great for single sheets when a single assembly is ‘fed’ into the assembly list… However the node will not produce more than one sheet at a time…

Are there any ideas on how I may best approach this problem of using Tools.AssemblyViews to produce multiple sheets for assemblies?

I always thought you cant create more than 1 sheet per assembly if that’s what you mean. But checked and you can.

In that case, you would need to look at how you structure you lists by the sounds of things.

Looking at the python code, it seems like list inputs should be accepted and also output. I would first check your input list contains assembly instances only and that there are no nulls etc.

Thanks Tom
I have check and checked again, the list of Assembly Instances is good with no issues. The Node will work every time using the same list of Assemblys unless option IN[12] is called.

**I thought more about your comments on what is being input as lists and I believe that the ‘tb’(titleblock) family is the only item not being passed as a list variable so I created a list from the titleblock family containing the same quantity as the number of Assemblys… Also then passed the TB as a variable similar to other veriables in node… This stopped the program hang but also does not seem to work…