To and From Room to Door parameter flip

Hi all,

I am looking to grab a bunch of doors that all graphically are correct and flip their ToRooms just in the parameter value that appears in my schedule.

I have tried this on a test project:flip to and from rooms to doors.dyn (10.0 KB)

and there seem to be two problems:

  1. the toRoom and fromRoom values that i am getting from this clock work custom nod are not correct; they all just say “room”
  2. I can’t really access the toRoom as a door parameter.

fyi in the real project the purpouse of this is to make sure all En-Suite doors belong to the En-suites, even though they open outwards

Any advice would be appriciated!

Thank you!

Room is a category. You need to add and room.number to get room numbers and names.


There is one more thing than @Kulkul has pointed, and that is the importance of null values!

If you have doors in exterior walls --just one is enough!–, then you lists will be problematic!
This means that you need to filter for null values :slight_smile:

flip to and from rooms to doors2.dyn (20.5 KB)

AND be aware, once you have ‘run’ to/from room the value is set! To change the values hereafter you need to follow this post!

thanks both;
fortunatelly i am only looking at interior doors;
That nod, it doesn’t look like a package nod, but i can’t seem to be able to find it, does it have another original name?

Great! I have made it work
Thank you both very much :smile:flip to and from rooms to doors.dyn (10.4 KB)

Room.Name is an OOTB node. In general I only used OOTB nodes. I did also use the Clockwork node “Doors.Rooms” as you did. I will recommend that you use the OOTB node for phases.

If you only uses doors which are internal, then you could do it this way.
flip to and from rooms to doors3.dyn (21.9 KB)