Create sheet with active titleblock


I’ve got the following situation:

I’m trying to create a sheet with a titlblock from the active sheet.

Does anyone know why this doesn’t work?

In another post I came across another node that also gets the titleblock. The post however doesn’t mention a package

Titleblockfromsheet —> what package is that?

You have obviously not wanted to go through the trouble of searching…

First topic states it is from the Dynablaster package…

Ok I have now installed the Dynablaster, but it still doesn’t work. I guess I have to approuch this differently

Looks like it… Not knowing the inputs makes it difficult to help you… If you enable all previews it is much easier…

Additionally you should look up the difference between a “FamilyType” and a “FamilyInstance”

The input is a sheet…Titleblockfromsheet gets the titleblock from that sheet and should pace it to the last node, but doesn’t really do that.

The last node only eats familytypes it seems although it asks for a titleblock at the left side of that node.

Try fishing it out using the OOTB nodes… Then compare the Element ID’s I believe you’re finding the instance not the type…


Thanks, I figured out what you were trying to say!!! I was looking in the wrong direction as usual. :rofl:
This seems to work.