Change Title Block by family type

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to change sheets title block, I took titleblock from sheet (Geniusloci Package), then set parameter by new family type that I want. However, set parameter shows me an error. Does anyone know what’s the problem?

I did exact the same thing, title block - > element, patameter-> type and value family type for sheets!!
Please check the picture again

What is the error? Also, does the node have some type of output or is it null?

As far as I can tell, you have the right arrangement of Titleblock Model Elements and FamilyType.

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See if that helps,

Title Block.dyn (8.8 KB)

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Thanks for your tries!! I have no problem with adding one title block to one sheet. but have you ever read my question? I want to change title block for multiple sheet with multiple title block family type.
Sheet 1 - E1 30x42
Sheet 2 - A3
Sheet 3 - A4

this is a way of your solution.

Like this?

Title Block.dyn (15.9 KB)

Thanks for your effort but it doesn’t work. your sheet that you have show already have the different title block!!
My question is if all the sheet have title block X how to change all sheet at once with different title block
Like this:

There may be a bit of miscommunication here.

I realize that the graphs shown appear as though they already have the different title blocks, this is likely because the graph was run in Automatic mode

Before running:

After running (Automatic mode):

After running (Manual mode):

Hope this clears up some confusion.

If you have this structure (flattened list of Titleblock elements from sheets + flattened list of Titleblock FamilyTypes) and you still have an issue, you’ll need to post what the actual yellow warning dialogue is.

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Thanks for your time, this is exactly that I am looking for but it does not work for me.