There is no Zoom to Selected tool in Revit?!

You have got to be kidding me! There is no Zoom to Selected in Revit?
I know you can use the ID in both Revit and Dynamo… but we need a zoom to selected tool.
Isn’t there a zoom node somewhere?


In what context do you mean? If you have a list of elements in dynamo you can click on the green marked number in the preview list to zoom to selected.

its alway a good thing to check in the search what you are after
i saw something here, is this what you want?

Yes, I am aware of this and mentioned it in my post. “I know you can use the ID in both Revit and Dynamo”

But in Revit Interface there is no Zoom to a Selected Object(s). For instance, you can right-click a Family Type in Project Browser and click on Select all instances in the view… but when you do, I don’t find a way to locate is in the view. A zoom to selected tool is needed.

Select it the way you do, thats fine, select isolate in view next.
If you want just one item, make it so, use fit to screen, switch to normal view to see it in context.
bx is a good keyboard shortcut


zoom to fit does that … in a way. … It zoom to fit all on screen. So combine the suggestion @Marcel_Rijsmus gave with this…

  1. select elements
  2. isolate those
  3. zoomtofit

btw: this isn’t a complain forum, stop your drama at the door. Suggestions for improvement: go to ideas forum

Thanks! I didn’t mean to complain so loudly. I was just surprised.
@3Pinter’s and @Marcel_Rijsmus’s suggestion helps!

forgiven, i saw myself in you
in my bubble there is only so much
there’s allways more

There’s multiple addins as well. A free one here: