Zoom on a selected element in dynamo

Hi, is it possible to make a script in dynamo that show and zoom on a element in Revit. For example, if I know the element’s Id and run the script, it shows me the element in Revit.

is it clear enough?



Something like -Selected Element- >> keyboard shortcut BX??


I think the easiest way is simply to click on the element Id. It will directly show you the element on Revit.


You can maybe use the node “Select in Revit” from Hot Gear package and double click with the mouse wheel to see the element.

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Yeah, that’s pretty much what I want. But, I’ll try to explain what I want exactly.
I create a script that ask the user to enter a certain string and choose a categorie. The script will use the string and the categorie to delete elements with a name close to what the user enter and ask if he is sure to delete this/these element(s). So I need a note that show which element the user is about to delete.