Would you think that a highlighted selection of Dynamo element in a Revit view is quite necessary?

The graphic engine of Dynamo is quite limited and slow. And the geometry elements of Dynamo displayed in a Revit view can show a very intuitive relationship with my model. And I can observe it more smoothly in the Revit view than in Dynamo.

BUT it cannot show me which element is selected when there’s a selected element in Dynamo. If Revit can show me the selection, I can avoid adding Revit model elements into Dynamo environment to see the relationship. It’s really convenient.

Would you like to add this function?

do you mean this?

followed by this

No, it’s just like what I post here. You can see there isn’t any highlight in Revit on the left while in Dynamo there is.

In the View menu of Dynamo you can switch off the Revit preview

No. I want the preview, and I want it as same as the preview in dynamo(with a highlight of a selected object).

Not sure, but I think a view extension may work for this.

Disable the other preview of all other nodes and use a List.GetItemAtIndexas a ‘workaround’ for now.