There is no Data-Shapes for Dynamo 2.1

Why is there no data-shapes package for Dynamo 2.1? I downloaded the newest version 2019.2.30, but I don’t get a list of data-shapes in my browser.

shows up for me when installed locally - (Dynamo master) it’s all .dyfs/ python so loading the package on revit 2019 should not be an issue - at runtime maybe…

Do you see any errors in the console?

What if you remove other packages?

ohh sorry forgot to mention that’s it for Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.1. There are more packages that don’t show up in my browser like: Archilab, bakery, Bimorphnodes, data-shapes and more. Is it possible that there is no versions of this packages for Dynamo 2.1?

It’s possible but 2.1 should be compatible with most of those - seems like something else is going on.
please check the dynamo console and try loading one package at a time just to see if that works.

You can temporarily remove all the packages from your package folder and add them back.

In your APPDATA location there will be a 2.1 folder. Do you have packages in there?

Thank you it worked! I downloaded all the packages of the dynamo package website first, that did not work. After that I deleted everything and downloaded the packages inside dynamo self, after that closed dynamo and revit. After this all the packages appeared in my browser.