The coordinates for an element in Revit is not the same in Dynamo

I am facing a strange problem with our project.
The values that I get by using the spot coordinates tag corresponding to the Survey point are not the same values in Dynamo.
In dynamo created a new shared coordinates by using the H/N, E/W and Elev. parameters in the Survey point. then by transform I get the coordinates.

Here you can find my simple script:
You will see the values as an output in the screenshot.

These are the values that come directly from Revit:

I hope that anyone could recognize the problem.

The Location of elements within revit correlate to the distance this element is from the project base point or internal origin.

Therefore this is not a dynamo error and is by design within revit. This is why you find the tag can be set as distance from project base point or from survey point.