Placing points through dynamo is placed somewhere in the project space

It seems like a coordinate system issue.
I am placing points as per the spot coordinate in revit.
But the points are placed somewhere else. what could be the potential problem.

in the below image, this is the dimension in question.

i have used this dimension to create a circle in dynamo.

After running dynamo, the circle is creating somewhere else as shown below:

Hi karthikeyan,

Just substract the N and E from the project base point N and E.

Do some hit and try here.
Let us know if it works.


Still no luck on all possible calculations. but dynamo is taking project base point as 0,0,0 where as the project base point has different values set.

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In Revit all geometry is created and reported from the internal origin. As such if your coordinates are based on the survey point you will need to translate the coordinates by the X and Y values of the survey point.

Finally, it works by using “convertfromsurveypointcoordinatesystem” node. Seems like, to look out for which coordinate system revit uses from three possibilities: Project base point, internal point, survey and use the available nodes accordingly to convert the source points and check the effect on the model.

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