Dynamo not detecting survey point and coordinates of Element

Iam a beginner in Dynamo, I was trying to create a graph that allow to enter desired coordinates for any element. it works, but it doesnot write the real coordinates. When i enter 0,0 it moves the element to one corner of my project boundary. Any one have idea what should i do to apply the real coordinates?

@azhar.alikoya ,

it works… but in general i would ask what do you want

Placeing elements is more usefull as translating them…



Hi @Draxl_Andreas , Thanks for your quick response. What i need is that to move an element in a project to a particular coordinates. I created this graph for that purpose. But when i enter the Coordinates in this graph it moves that element very far from the project. What i understood is dynamo is feeding my input values as internal origin to revit, but actually it should feed as survey point coordinates. Could you please help me to feed survey point coordinates to revit element through dynamo?

Hello @azhar.alikoya could move by vector help…


@sovitek thanks alot for your valuable time. But i was looking for to move an element to a coordinates provided by the client which is a survey coordinate point. When i enter X,Y values in dynamo , dynamo tells revit that this is a internal coordinate point which is not. I want to tell revit that this is a survey point. which is around a 6 digit value each ( North and East).

You need to get the Survey Point coordinates from the project to get the translation from the origin. Then you can use that to convert your origin-based inputs to survey-based locations.


@Nick_Boyts Thanks for your response and solution. Could you please show the graph to achieve it?, if it is not much hard.

What have you tried so far? Have you searched the forum for similar solutions? There are plenty of topics covering coordinate conversion and how to get the survey point, either from custom nodes or from out of the box nodes. You can start with the Categories dropdown to select any of the Site coordinate systems.