The best question

Everything start with a question, so what is the best question to ask to a BIM manager for trying to increase his need in using DYNAMOBIM?
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Dynamo is a tool that allows you to automate a lot of tasks that we’re previously difficult to manage without going to the Revit API. Beyond the obvious geometry creation (Which is awesome), you can also use Dynamo to manage and review a model.

Some examples are:

Find and count how many lines are in the model, filled regions, masking regions (All hang-ups from CAD) and filter them based off a parameter.

Renumber objects based off proximity to room, or through a drawn spline.

Copy through levels, rooms from linked models.

Automate creation of sheets, apply template and put views on sheets based off an excel spreadsheet


The list is endless really :slight_smile:

Yes Thank a lot Sol Amour, I have been studying it since last september I am agree with you. It has a lot of potential, (and also real one) this is the reason because I would like to working on it for my thesis. But what could be the best question in your opinion?

What could be the salary of an Archineer who work with dynamo and python? Because if it is too high maybe they could refuse to use dynamobim in this moment maybe.

Another problem, it is very difficult to use it in a normal laptop because it needs a lot of power for its computational design. When will you think that everyone could use it in their own laptop?

If we want to increase their need to using it we should create into them the need to use it for saving a lot of time and money, don’t you think so? and If it is possible could you give me some real example about how many time and how much money have you save using it please more or less in your project.

I am at the begging in this world, maybe some of these questions could be very foolish for you, I apologize for this.

Anyway thanks a lot for your preview answer Sol Amour.

I’m probably not the right person to answer most of your questions however, as I’ve only just started using Dynamo and wouldn’t call myself any more than a newbie.

But already I can see huge improvements in time saved.

So as Time = Money, Dynamo = Saves you money.

It also saves interest levels, which I believe to be very important. If people can automate boring tasks then you’ll have a lot more engagement with your staff.

Happier staff = Better work done.


How are you counting masking regions and filled regions? I assume that you can’t do this globally because they are view dependent but it seems to work for lines. Have you managed?

I’m using a ‘Checker’ .dyn file as showcased below. If you put a ‘watch’ node after the ‘All Elements of Type/Category’ nodes on each line you can also select those back in Revit by clicking on the green Element ID.



Excellent, thanks for that

thanks a lot Sol Amour.

Thanks so much to Sol Amour for posting the image of that graph. I was having difficulty generating a list of all Filled Regions in a Revit file (choosing the FilledRegions category and feeding that to All Elements of Category did not work), and following your use of the DetailComponents category and then filtering the list for FilledRegion objects worked.

Glad to hear it David :slight_smile: