That the members of a Model group inherit a parameter assigned to the group

Hello everyone,

I’m starting with this Dynamo :grinning: but there are some things that don’t work for me, could someone help me out?

The question is the following, I want to assign parameters to the model groups. And I want the components that make up that group to acquire the value of the parameter. Not all groups have the same number of elements.

I have come this far. But now I would have to combine these lists. And that the value is assigned to all the components of the group.

Could someone help me a little? Thank you


Hey is this the result you are looking for?
If this doesnt work, please upload your Revit file because so i can test it on that :slight_smile:

2020-04-25 Set Parameter Value.dyn (9.9 KB)

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Dear Daan,
Your contribution was really useful. I am a novice person in Dynamo. Do you know where can I find the Group.Members node? as appear the following warning: “Custom node definition is not loaded”

Thank you for your help.

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