Getting group member info for Parameter

Using the node Group.Members, is there a way to pull info from an object in the group?

I am wanting to take a floor from within the group, grab the level, and place that in a ‘SCHEDULE LEVEL’ parameter for the model group.


Hi @kslifter ,

If I remember correctly Group.Members gives Revit Elements right?
What about Element.GetParameterByValue?

Yeah, it gives a list of revit elements in the group and I can see the floors. I’m just not savvy enough to think of how to grab the floor and pull info from it. Especially when we you extrapolate the process of lots of groups.
We have like 60 unit groups (way too many, but I’m not the designer), so the list of groups is long and the list of items in the group is WAY long.
So I was thinking of Group by key and using floor class as the key, but the lengths of lists were not equal.
So I need to keep the list structure of the groups, but isolate the floors and pull the level and areas from them ideally.

Using List.FilterByBoolmask lets you filter items from sublists if set to @L2, you just need to do a comparison before to gather if the category of the family is the floor category (or not).

List.RemoveIfNot might also work using the Object.Type of floors, but im not sure if floor is a separate object type.