Change parameters grouping

i was wondering if is there a way to change a parameter group trough dynamo.

i’ve tried by “adding” the parameter again using orchid’s “parameter.add” but as expected the group parameter doesn’t get updated.

just for the sake of clarity what i want to achieve:
i’ve a bunch (a lot, actually) of custom families that have been made from different editors.
since they didn’t follow a common guideline they’ve grouped the parameters in different ways from family to family.
i’m now “in charge” of the “standardization” of those models: this process is intended to be achived by renaming the parameters, grouping them accordingly to a new guideline, and associate them to the right categories, then i want to create an updated version of the shared parameters to have a better base for the models that will come from now on.

Element.SetParameterByName node.

thanks for your reply.
as far as i know Element.SetParameterByName can change the value of the parameter but not the parameter “parameters”

Maybe actual examples with your dynamo graph so far would explain it better?

at the moment i’m here.
but as you can see the group “extraction” is not connected because i can’t find a way to apply the group option to an already existing parameter

I don’t know if this can be done via the API - have you looked into what the options are there?

thanks for your reply. i don’t know exactly what api is used but i’m able to create a new parameter and specify the group.

So in the API there is a get method for the property, but I don’t know if there is a corresponding set method, but you could try to alter things there.

thank you.
as said i’m quite sure there is a “set” function, since you are able to create a new parameter and set its grouping by using the orchid node “add.parameter”, but i can’t find how to use it in a “standalone” way.

Just because there is a create method does not mean there is a set method - many aspects of the API are limited to ‘set at creation’ or do not set at all.

This stack overflow link should help you out though: revitpythonshell - Revit Python Shell - Change Parameter Group - Stack Overflow

interesting, thanks.
however it seems that there’s also a strange problem that makes necessary also a temporary renaiming.

Yes - likely a result of not having a stable set method.

mmm, i see.
i’m having an hard time trying to figure out how to implement that script and use it for my needs since actually renaming is one of the things that i should do…

Hi @carolgo any news about Change parameters grouping? Like this?