Text Size 1.3.2 vs 1.3.3

Can someone verify for me that this has changed from 1.3.2?
I’ve got a graph that gets the Text Size of a Text Element.
My suspicion is that in 1.3.2, the value was being returned in Feet.
In 1.3.3 (haven’t tried 3.0 yet), it’s coming out in inches.
Here’s a couple of screen shots - same graph, same file. First one is in 1.3.2, send is 1.3.3
TextSize_132 TextSize_133
I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. I just think it’s changed in Dynmamo.
I’m using the node Element.GetParameterValueByNameTypeOrInstance from Rhythm.
Rhythm Package 2018.6.7 in both cases.
Or it’s possible that Revit is returning it differently, I’ve been using this for a year now on 2018.2. Perhaps 2018.3 changed it? I’ll see if I can track down a machine that still has 2018.2

Hmm that is odd. In the Rhythm node I am actually using the exact out of the box method for GetParameterValueByName so it probably persists even in the OOTB node.

Looks like it’s 1.3.3
I tried the same machine as the first image (which was 2016) in 2018.3, and got the same smaller values
BTW, 0.015625 * 12 = 0.1875, which is why I suspect Feet vs Inches
Next, I’ll try rolling back the machine with 1.3.3 to 1.3.2

I rolled back to 1.3.2, and got the smaller values again.
So the change did happen because of 1.3.3
Now I have to go find everything I’ve done that cares about Text Size.
This particular graph looks at the size of the Text box in 2016 & compares it to the size after the upgrade to 2018.
Then it does some math to figure out if the Text wrapped from one line to two because it gets bigger.
I was extremely suspicious when an upgrade reported zero fixes.
Rolled it back to 1.3.2 and it works now.
But definitely something to look out for!