Problems about Text notes

Hi everybody.
Recently, I catched a few problems about “Text note”.
I can query all of parameters from Text note. But i can’t query " Family and Type" and " Type" in node " Element.Parameter".
Please help me this problem.
Thank you so much.

Hi @Hai_Trinh
is this what you need?

ok. Thank you so much.

Actually you can use any of the *.Name nodes…

I have a question for you ?
How to get the nodes name " Text Size",“Text Font”.

If you want to have a look to some parameter you can use Element.GetParameterValueByName but the problem is that they are Type Parameter. With Clockwork you can easily set them.

Thanks for helping me.
Recently, I had catched a problem about How to update data from Excel file to Revit ( I had transfered Text Note to Excel. But I can’t exchange from Excel to Revit.

I had edited the list of old name. But I can’t transfer it to Revit. Please help me how to get it. Thank you.

I can’t run it.

Could you upload your dyn and rvt files in here.