Number from Feet and Inches Problem

Maybe I should be using a different node but when I use the Number from Feet and Inches node and input small values, like 3/32", the display in Dynamo changes, in this case, to 7/64". When I run the definition Revit sees the 3/32" so it works but it will inevitably be confusing for people if/when this gets pushed out. Thoughts?


edit: I said Revit still saw the 3/32" value instead of the 7/64". I was wrong. It sees the 7/64". Boo.

This is kind of silly, but maybe worth a try?

2016-01-06 09_37_58

More or less what I’m doing right now. Seems there’s still a problem with that node however.

Hi Greg,

In which units is your revit file. It will be better if you can put your complete workflow here so that we can understand clearly what exactly is your problem.

Not sure what you mean by my “complete workflow” but project length units are Fractional Inches with rounding set to the nearest 1/256".

Here’s a Screencast showing the problem in action.

The project units have nothing to do with it. It’s a display problem on the node itself. I think it was simply a misunderstanding. I’ll open an issue on this on GitHub.

Thanks. I wasn’t trying to be a jerk when I asked about the workflow. I didn’t understand what would help.

I thought, at first, it was likely just a display issue on the node but that is the value that gets used in Revit as well so that makes me think something more might be going on.

I’ve had problems with Units in Dynamo since I started playing (cause that’s about all I have time for). I thought the latest version looked at the project to determine how numbers should be handled by Dynamo. No?

Yes, the latest version pulls the units from the project. I’m not too sure what could be causing it.

Hello Greg, Spring nodes has two functions that convert between fractional and decimal feet that you might find useful:

Yeah. That will work better than the code block I had to use. I don’t really want my users to have to remember about the quotes and semicolon in the CBs. Better to find a way for them to enter in a more natural language.