Element.SetParameterByName - Ambiguous

Working through pulling length data from families and turning it into a string for use in another text type parameter. Have several issues with this, but the main one for this post is the failed operation.

Not sure why this happened. I think I have all Revit type nodes, if this could be the issue. One point in time it stated that the parameter was read only. I have never gotten that response before.

Full Work space below.

Had the Springs node in place at first, but when I connected it, it crashed on me and I couldn’t get Dynamo to stay open even with the “open in manual operation” checked. Finally got it back.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

This is separate and apart from the error, but this is what I’m trying to accomplish.

Hopeful in the end to be able to convert decimals, three decimal places into number of 1/8" inches. Part number will consist of three sections where the last is representation of length in text format.

For example XXX-XXXX-0108.5 - 0108.5 would be = to 108 5/8" (9’-0 5/8")

Try to flatten the output of String.SpecifyDecimalPlaces.
How many elements are in “All Elements of Category”?
You try to add 742 values to 740 elements?

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Since you are collecting ALL Structural members here, would there be any that would have the “Part Number” parameters in a different type than String? The error message reads like something in the list is looking for an Element to be fed as a Value rather than a string. Check your list and/or try your graph on just one element in the list to see if that works.

For the Fractional conversion, try the Springs package.

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SeanP, if I understand your question correctly, the answer is no. I have the action pulling a length type parameter from the “strip length”, or other length type parameter, and inserting it into a “text” type string that I have personally created and added to the family as an instance type parameter. Now some of the these items are nested in other main design families, but they are shared. Could that be an issue?

Fiesta, I fixed the qty issue. I made the second list use levels of 1.

So the integrated families inside my main family in the project can not be changed as far as I know, right now. Unless someone knows a way to get information deeper than the main family. To add to this they are combined into an assembly as well.

Breakdown of “Panel Family”:

  • Panel (in project) Generic Model family
  • Metal parts (inside “Panel”, Structural Framing family, shared) - this is where I want to modify information/text field; in the project.

This is what I think is the read only error that I am getting. Even though I have added the parameter to the project and panel family, its not getting touched.

SeanP, The conversion I want to explore working on is this. Take a length - 48 3/4" and convert it to length or text, to 48.6 or 48-6. Converting the fraction into # of 1/8"s. Do this for any fraction. Project will always round to nearest 1/8" or .000". The final desired result will look like 100-3390-0048.6.

Part number is made up of four parameters:
Part Category-mill thickness - galvanization and then length. The only modified parameter will be the length for the parts we are trying to tag in our assemblies.