Text in Code Blocks Freezes Dynamo > v0.72

After installing 0.73 (and testing daily builds), I’m having typing text code into the code blocks, Dynamo freezes or crashes. This also happens when viewing custom nodes where text code is entered in the code blocks. I can’t do anything but close those custom nodes. Text code into the code blocks isn’t working for me, but works fine with numerical text.

Is this happening to anyone else?

To view the custom nodes, I need to uninstall 0.73 (or daily) and re-install 0.72.

This happens on my workstation and my home laptop.

For example, I can not type the script Colin used in his reply to the post “Structural Framing Types” where he used p1=Points.ByCoordinates(…) in the Code block to generate the lines for the structural framing.

Thanks for your help!


already an issue in github

Hello Pat Hopple,

Are on German Locale or English?



Ritesh, I am using the English version, not german.

Pat, are you experiencing the crash with Dynamo standalone or on top of Revit? Also what external libraries have you got loaded in your dynamo session when you see the crash? Also could you try typing inside the Python scripting editor. Do you see similar problems with it?

Pat, could you also share the stack trace and exception details if you have any? Thanks.


OS: Windows 7 with all recent updates

Crash is in either standalone or on top of revit. As soon as I try typing text into the code blocks, I get a screen freeze like something is processing. Standalone will crash at this point. On top of Revit will not let me do anything in the workspace and I will have to close the program at which time it is grayed out in Revit.

External Libraries loaded: DynaWorks 14/15, SteamNodes, Optimo, MantiShrimp, Lunchbox, DynamoText, DynamoMathematica and I had originally (in 0.72) had loaded Aspose BarCode 6.5.0, but it has not been loaded since upgrading to 0.73.

I don’t get the stack trace or exception details. I only get a crash report sometimes, and when I click report, it sends me to the Issues section, but I’m not sure how to register that error there, or if it does it automatically?

I’m now going to delete each of these loaded packages and see if that fixes my situation.

Do you recommend that I clear out any lingering files/folders after uninstalling to solve this?

I’m happy to help answer whatever you need to solve this.



I just found this exception thrown when loading the standalone.

0.73 Exception

After uninstalling Aspose.BarCode.NET from my system, and uninstalling Dynamo Mathematica, DynamoText and Optimo, the Code Blocks now work really well.

I’ll keep reviewing what the culprit was by installing one at a time. It seems as though the exception thrown in the Standalone does not affect the Code Blocks, but might affect something else.

Hi Pat,

I had the same problem in top of Revit, also when I was running the Dynamo as standalone.

Indeed is something from installed packages. After I uninstalled all the packages the problem was solved.

Hello Pat Hopple , Lucian Ungureanu, Peter Kompolschek

We noticed that if you have Dynamo Mathematica is a culprit. If you remove this dll then everything works as expected.

We will fix that issue soon and will let you know.



Thank you for the update, Ritesh!

I think that was the first dll that I deleted as well.