Temperature value conversion

I’m trying to get HVAC Temperature values and cannot figure out how to convert the given values to deg F. Currently showing 58.0 deg F (in Revit) = 1.12373282393036 (in Dynamo)

Anyone have a solution?

This can help you:

These formulas may make a little more sense if you’re familiar with Temperature Differences in Revit. Revit uses absolute units internally - meaning that in order to convert temperatures to numbers you have to do a weird conversion to temperature differences in order to get unitless values and therefore ignore the difference in units.

That seems to be how Revit handles all temperature units now. Parameters that read ΔT return correct values (I assume because they’re essentially unitless). While temperatures are returned in a value based off temperature differential in Rankine. (I know that makes no sense because ΔT is the same whether in R or F but that’s the best I can explain it.)

It’s easiest to explain this with the F to R conversion…
(F - 0)+R : Fahrenheit temp subtracted by zero (0) to get a “unitless” ΔT then converted to Rankine
((1 - 0)+R) : a (1F - 0F) ΔT converted to Rankine as well

Without the conversion to Rankine you’re looking at F/1 but the conversion is what gives you this “scaled” valued.