Pipe Temperature Parameter from Dynamo

Dear Experts,
Yesterday, I installed new Revit 2019. Today i realized that None of Dynamo Element.GetParameter having right result. The Value is 80C. However Dynamo gives me 1.2881.

Please see attached photos:

Any suggestions?


The temperature value displayed in Dynamo 1.3 is Kelvin.
If you want to recover the temperature in Farenheit, you need to perform a conversion :
(1.2881-273.15)*9/5+32=80 F

Dear Alban,
But 80 C is 353 K. But it shows 1.2881. At previous version of Dynamo I was getting 353 K but now it is 1.2881.

You can make conversion with this website http://allmeasures.com/temperature.html

Your Temperature 80 doesn’t seem to be Celsius.

Did you check the units in revit ?

Yes. As you can see from Revit screenshot it is already Celcious. :roll_eyes:

Try to see this…

the enumeration…

…and how to do it

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You’re right about your unit is Celsius.
I don’t understand which unit is 1.2881.

@Erfajo’s method converts Celsius into Kelvin and this does not seem to work for this particular case.

The solution will be to use Springs.Element.GetParameterUnitValue node or GetParameterAsProjectUnits node to keep the correct value in Celsius.

It seems to be a problem converting temperatures… you need to know the parameter storage type


If you look at the code inside the nodes suggested by @Alban_de_Chasteigner, then is the DisplayUnitType used to convert, but also the parameter storage type… Therefore, use the nodes suggested.

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Dear Alban,
I tried your suggestions however did not get result. The parameter is type parameter (not instance parameter). That is why did not worked for me. :pensive:
I am using Dynamo 1.3.3 version.

Der Erfajo,
i did not understand how to use your help. I have no python background. :frowning:

You have to add the node Element.ElementType before the getparameter node

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Many Thanks Alban,
Worked great. :slight_smile: