Temperature Units Issue

Hi ,

I am using a dynamo script to populate parameter values from an excel file inside family editor in Revit. All of the parameters are correctly exported except “Temperature” … In Dynamo I can see that:

55 (In Dynamo) = 14805.10 degree celsius (In Revit)
-40 (In Dynamo) = -11239.15 degree celsius ( In Revit)

Can some one help me fix this issue. I need to show 55 and -40 Inside Revit as Well.

Please see the images below:

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What’s the type of the parameter? There is no parameter or unit for temperature in Revit.
2022-03-04 13_46_01-Autodesk Revit 2022.1 - Family1 - Floor Plan_ Ref. Level

Hi ,

The type of the parameter is “ElectricalTemperature”. See image below,


I guess you need this node:

@waqarkhan9494 check this:

and use this formula to convert:

rankine = 273.15;
((celcius-0) + rankine)/((1-0) + rankine)

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Can you please help with this issue @tradelie