Tangent placement adaptive component Revit


I’m an engineering student from Italy and I started using Dynamo from two months; I’m currently working on my graduate thesis in which I’m designing a curve timber roof system with Dynamo and Revit; I created surfaces from some reference points with the node “Surface.BySweep2Rails” and then I created beam framing with Isoline and adaptive components but I’d like to align cross section with tangent of perpendicular isolines;
I calculated angles between x axis of normal curve plane and the tangent curve vector in order to rotate points but results aren’t optimal.

Please, can someone help me?

Thanks in advance,


I would suggest to elaborate on what is wrong specifically…


Try defining the sketch on a plane about the normal and the point - no tangent required. We will likely need to see the bad geometry to know what the issue is.


Thank you for reply; I attached an image in order to explain my problem: I’d like to align cross-sections with the transposed curves and I’d like to preserve rectangular cross section of beams;

Thank you in advance.


another image