Perpendicular objects to curved line on the Y axis


I’m trying to create a formwork for in-situ cast concrete. The formwork needs to do an array, based on an object, along a curved line / curved roof. But the formwork (object/family) also needs to individually align perpendicular to the curved line.

So far ive tried with all sorts of familytypes, such as structural, generic, generic basedlined, generic face. But it dosnt seem to work. What is missing?

Anyone who know how to solve this issue?


I think that by using a reference point - parameter for the rotation - You can achieve Your goal.
Next step is getting the tangent of the curve in every reference point, than You can have the difference between some global axis and these tangents. That will be Your values of the parameter You need to set.

Good Luck


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It will be mach easier with adaptive families. and you can automate it with dynamo.
One of my old posts would help.

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