Taking and Exporting 3D View Capture of Rooms of a Project

Hi Dear Community Members,
There are more than 3000 rooms in my project, and I solved its sorting and numbering problems with the help of valuable members of this valuable community.
Now I increased challenge level with another imagination as tried to explain in following.

  1. I want to get individual 3D captures of the rooms with all elements in it, as similar to below.
  2. And those should be exported as the output of image file or to MS Excel. If it will be Excel file it should be updated every time that we run the script.
    Thanks in advance…

I’d suggest giving it a try in Dynamo then come back with a specific question- then you’ll probably get a response from this AWESOME forum.

As I see it the process would be something like:

  1. Create a 3D section box view from each room
  2. Export images/attribute data of these views to Excel

Things to think about:

  1. Do you want just the extents of the rooms (internal faces of walls, or go beyond that).?
  2. Are all views in the same orientation ?


Actually, I had some trials which have many problems I hesitated to post here :slight_smile:
My steps were same that you suggested. Firstly, I attempted to take 3D view of some rooms, Secondly, export images of multiple rooms.
I have some flexibility unless image fulfills main purpose. I am going to prepare Room Data Sheet Template which is partially completed(automatised by Dynamo). 3D view is wanted for individual rooms to enhance Facility Management Process for audit and security etc. from visualization perspective.
Therefore, room walls are not necessary, yet doors, windows and duct openings, fire sprinkles etc. should be there.