Multiple 3D views from Rooms

I have inherited a dynamo script that will create a 3D view based on the selection of one scope box. What i would like to be able to do is modify this to read all the room values present in the model and create a 3D view for each one. Is this even possible or would you have to do it on an individual basis? I’m sorry I am really struggling today to get my brain to work through this problem, i’m severely jet lagged and sick so i am probably not looking at this script logically!

Any help i would really appreciate as i am being pushed at work to get this to work on a project.

Part 2

Hi @Kirsty_Hogg

Make sure you run the script in 3D view.

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thank you i super appreciate your help! @Kulkul

ok i’ve run into a problem, it takes the room names fine but the create 3D cropped view is just pulling null values?

have i missed a node somewhere?

my bad, my dynamo version just needed updating! thank you again you are a lifesaver!!!

@Kirsty_Hogg Make sure your on 3d View before you run the script.

Thank you, great script,

i want to ask how to change the z offset, so I can cut under ceiling.


hi all,


i copied the script from Custom node and pasted on Dynamo screen and i gave the inputs and Runned the Script…its showing the error shown in the Screen shot attached.

Can anyone help.

Thanks in Advance.
With Best Regards.