Export Image to PDF?

I’m new to Dynamo and I’m wondering if it’s possible to take a screenshot of a view in Revit and export it in a PDF-file with Dynamo.
So far I have managed to export a sheet as a PDF with the help of Konrad’s post http://archi-lab.net/printing-pdfs-w-dynamo/ You can see how I did it in the picture below. Is it possible to export images in the same way somehow?

hi @Denish97,

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Have you tried using the View itself instead of the sheet? As per your link Konrad’s used views and viewsets.


Yes, I had some problems with it but I finally got it to work!

Do you know if it’s possible to create a script in Dynamo that chooses multiple views by itself? For example; I want to import a view of every door in a building on different sheets. Instead of me creating views manually for every single door, can Dynamo do it for me?

I’ve created internal elevations by using place markers and named those based on the room they are positioned. So I image it might be possible as a door is a element in the same way as a room. Sounds like it would be a very complex piece of Dynamo though!

If this thread is resolved mark it done and create a new thread regarding view creation using door elements. I’d be interested to see what the rest of community suggest!



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Great idea! Thanks!