Extract a single room as a 3d Solid from a linked model

hello, I am writing a graph to try to locate a room in a huge project by its room number and have dynamo show me where that room is in a 3D space in revit. Right now I got the graph to spit out a list where each of the element IDs and Room numbers are together in the list by combining the lists and then transposing them. But How do I use dynamo to look through this list for me and spit out the element ID of only the room number that I give it? I mean there is thousands of rooms! Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

You can use the Index Of node in combination with GetItemAtIndex.

3D view in Revit:

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Ok, that makes sense but two things. when i go to the 3D floor that I know the room is on now, i dont see dynamo trying to select it, however if I go to the standard OOTB 3D view that revit creates from the top ribbon, I can see it highlight it. However I cant Isolate it in view. Is there anyway to actually create something in revit in the shape of the room so that I can Isolate it? or better yet create some sort of bounding box or section box around that room and then isolate that so that I can see everything in the room and work with it?? ( section box would be best but a solid would be cool too) Thanks!

Oh and why dont I see any 3D previews in dynamo? There is nothing…

Have you tried zoom to fit? :slight_smile:
Creating a section box from room geometry is something different altogether. I believe there are a few discussions on this board about creating sections boxes with Dynamo, you could search for those.

@T_Pover Thanks!