Problem of tagging elements by their location


I ran into a problem when tried to tag multiple elements of different assembly views by their location but couldn’t manage to set the tag head position at the top right/top left/bottom left/bottom right position for all the views.

It’s because for some assemblies I use Top View, for others Front view, Back View…etc. and it’s nearly impossible to manipulate tag head position by element location as I want.

In the other words, if I try to tag an element from the top view and place the tag at top right corner, I need to manipulate it’s location by adding some distance to the X and Y coordinates. If I try to tag the same element from the front view, manipulation of X and Y coordinates does not work, because in this particular view I need to manipulate with X and Z coordinate instead. So on and so forth.

Tagging example:
Side view - worked as it should after manipulating Y and Z coordinate.

Top View - result with the same script after manipulating Y and Z coordinates. In this case I should manipulate Y and X coordinates to get the desired result.

Is there a smart way to manipulate tag head location to avoid this problem? Does the view has ‘it’s own’ coordinate system? In this case I can make this work.

Anything helps. Dyn file attached.TagAssemblyViews.dyn (45.0 KB)

As per this topic, there is a way to modify assemblies origin: Assembly modify origin @Daniel_Woodcock1
Is it possible to modify this origin after the assembly views are created just to get the desired result as per examples below? As mentioned above, it’s just just to place the tags at the top right/ top left / bottom left / bottom right location as needed.

Hello @zalgirietis.minde ,
Have you tried with this method.