Tagging in section view

Can you please help with the following issue?
I generated a section view, in which I would like to tag a Door (used for view element inputs on the image attached) by using Tag.ByElementAndOffset node. If I use this vector as input, the tag will be dropped far away from the object in my section view. Probably adding some kind of conversion between World CS and the view’s Local CS would fix this.
How could I solve this?

Thanks in advance

I think the tag is being set really far away because your vector is at 0,0,0 or the origin of the project. To my knowledge views do not have a local CS.

Try Tag.ByElementAndLocation

Rhythm then has some nodes for the head and elbow position.

Location on both wants a point.

To get a point you can grab the BBox of the door and then use the min, max or find the center point (from the min max). (you may need to project the point to the view plane not sure though).

You can then get the view scale if you would like to precisely place the tag lets say 0.5" away from the door in paper space.

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